Here is a list of some productivity tools that have helped me save time and energy over the years!

In this article I will list some tools that I have found along my entrepreneurial journey. This will be a living list, meaning, it will grow over time as I find more things to add to it 🙂 This is by far not an exhaustive list but It will for sure help some of you out there that are looking to tighten up your productivity.



If you are like me, then you have tons of passwords and usernames. The biggest problem is finding a trustworthy place to store all of them! One of the tools that has best served me over the years when trying to log in and out of 100 and 1 platforms online has been BitWarden.

Bitwarden is a free and open source password management solution for individuals, teams, and business organizations.

Check it out here and save yourself a lot of time fumbling around looking for your passwords



Check out their offerings here:


Follow your calling.

Sideline gives you a 2nd number with all the communication tools you need to start, work, grow, and pursue your passion.

It’s definitely been a life saver when i needed to get a second business line!

Check them out here:



Calendly helps you schedule meetings without the back-and-forth emails. You can virtually schedule any type of meeting or event on this platform. It’s so easy! There are many options to choose from including free plans.

Check them out here:

Acuity Scheduling

All you need to do is  show up at the right time. Acuity Scheduling is your online assistant, working 24/7 to fill your schedule.

Check their plan out here:

What’s in you bag of tricks? Do you have anything that has saved you time and energy when trying to reach certain goals for your business?

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