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One fun way to connect with Snapchat users in your area is to create your own on-demand geofilter, which can be used during a time and location of your choosing.
You simply design your filter, map out where you’d like it to be available, and submit it to Snapchat for approval.
Once approved, users in your chosen area will be able to use this specific filter to let their friends know that they’re at an event or support your brand. This not only helps spread awareness for your events, it also engages users who are already there.

2) Give a glimpse

Take your users behind the scenes. Use the caption and drawing tools that Snapchat offers to show off your corporate culture. Give your users a glimpse into how their favorite product is manufactured. Hand over your Snapchat handle to a few trusted employees for one day each so they can bring variation to how the brand is viewed.

3) Share Milestones

When your business is on the verge of something big—finishing a major project, achieving a new milestone, or preparing for a big event—the last thing you have time for is marketing. However, these are definitive moments of your business that reveal personalities and culture—the unique elements that make your business stand out.
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